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Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga according to the authentic and scientific system Yoga in Daily Life

Practice Yoga


Would you like to join a class led by one of our certified yoga instructors? Find the nearest yoga center.

Practice Yoga


Would you prefer to start practicing yoga at home right now? Follow our online Yoga in Daily Life system guide.

Practice makes perfect.

One gram of practice has more benefits than tons of theory.

Start practicing



The best way of practicing Yoga in Daily Life - The System is to attend a yoga class regularly (at least once a week), and practice at home on the other days of the week. Use the resources below if you cannot find a class near you and/or to deepen your practice.

Yoga in Daily Life - eSystem

Our online guide (eSystem) is currently available in six languages (English, German, French, Hungarian, Czech, and Hindi). It contains all exercises of the 8 levels of Yoga in Daily Life - The System - asanas, pranayama, self-inquiry meditation - illustrated with beautiful images. Each exercise has a section describing the benefits of the exercise, as well as special conditions that require attention (when it should be practiced with caution). You can also learn about the spiritual background, therapeutic effects, hatha yoga kriyas, and chakras. The eSystem also contains a section of asanas grouped by specific benefits (e.g. Asanas for the Neck, for the Back and Spine, for the Chest and Lungs, etc.)

Yoga in Daily Life - The System - Book

If you prefer having it always at hand, Yoga in Daily Life - The System is also available as a hardback book.

The book offers:

  • step-by-step system of exercises and techniques (asanas, pranayama, meditation, hatha yoga kriyas)
  • holistic approach giving detailed description of each and every yogic practice
  • special instructions for specific health conditions
  • philosophical principles and scientific background
  • all this in 448 pages with over 700 color images.

The exercise levels were worked out in consultation with doctors and physiotherapists and can therefore - with observation of the stated rules and precautions - be practiced independently at home by anyone.

Yoga exercises on our TV Channel series

You may know that we have an online TV channel, - you can watch videos recorded earlier or live satsangs and lectures when available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. also features regular programs, including an approximately 60-minute online yoga class at 6:00 am (CET), and guided meditations, hatha yoga kriyas, yoga for children, lectures, vegetarian cooking lessons and more.

Yoga in Daily Life - Youtube playlists

On the Yoga in Daily Life YouTube channel, we offer playlists for practicing asanas, pranayama, hatha yoga kriyas, relaxation, and meditation. Although Yoga is not meant to be medical or psychological therapy, it is an excellent prevention against chronic illnesses and the negative effects of stress, as well as psychological support in different life situations. A separate playlist is dedicated to the topic Yoga and Health