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chakrasChakras are those energy centers through which the Cosmic energy flows into the human body. The practice of “Yoga in Daily Life” can awaken these centers, which are manifest in each and every person.

There are eight principal Chakras and each is associated with certain aspects of our existence.

There are many more centers distributed throughout the whole body, and their energy and vibration are distinguished by their location and qualities.

The Chakras have a significant influence on several levels of our being.

The first level is the physical level. At the site in the body where a Chakra is located there are glands, organs, and nerves, which can be activated through breathing exercises, meditation, Asanas and Mantras.

The second level is the astral level. The vibration and energy flow of the Chakras influence our consciousness and also our physical health. Incorrect food, bad company and negative thoughts reduce or block the energy of the Chakras, which may lead to disorders of consciousness and illness of the body.

In its natural state, the energy of the Chakras moves in a clockwise direction. With a little practice, we can feel the radiation of the Chakras with the palm of our hand and determine the direction of rotation. We can influence the rotation of the Chakras by placing the hand about one centimeter above the part of the body where the Chakra is located and moving the hand in a clockwise direction for a few minutes.

The third level of significance is the spiritual level from which intuition, wisdom, and knowledge are received. The energy that awakens all the Chakras is called Kundalini. “Kundal” means serpent, therefore this energy is also known as “serpent power”. The rising of the Kundalini is a process of awakening in consciousness. The consciousness expands, awareness and clarity are heightened and life energy is increased. Awakening of the Kundalini means liberation from ignorance, illusion and fluctuating thought, and the development of wisdom, self-discipline and self-control.

The five Chakras associated with normal human existence, are situated along the spine. The three Divine Chakras are situated in the head. Their vibration and energy guide us along the path of spiritual development. The Chakras that are associated with animal consciousness are located from the toes to the coccyx, where the spine begins. In order not to stimulate and awaken our lower nature (which we as humans have already overcome) we should never concentrate on these Chakras.

On this spiritual path we are faced with all our inner qualities and characteristics, until these are fully purified and refined. In the Agya Chakra we reach Self-Knowledge. In the Bindu Chakra we experience the immortality of the Atma (Self ), and in the Sahasrara Chakra the unfolding of the Supreme Consciousness and union of the individual with the Divine Self occurs. As humans, we have the unique opportunity in life to rise to Supreme Consciousness and attain knowledge of the Divine. “Yoga in Daily Life” and “Self-Inquiry Meditation” shows us the way.

The Symbols and Qualities of the Eight Principal Chakras

chakrasiteEach Chakra within the human body has a corresponding symbol, Mantra and colour, as well as a corresponding element, Lotus Blossom, animal and Divinity. These symbolic images illustrate the qualities of each Chakra. Such symbols help us to discover and intuitively feel in meditation, the various attributes of the Chakras. Recitation of the Chakra’s Mantra awakens and strengthens the energy of that Chakra.

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