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Vishuddhi Chakra - Throat Centre

vishuddhivisha = impurity, poison suddhi = purify

The Vishuddhi Chakra is situated in the throat. Its Mantra is HAM. The colour of Vishuddhi is purple. In this Chakra our consciousness reaches the fifth level. The corresponding element is Akasha (space). “We may also find this translated as “Ether”, which suggests this space should be filled with energy. The Vishuddhi Chakra is the starting point of Udana Prana. It is a function of this Prana to purify the body of toxic substances while breathing. The name of the Chakra is derived from this particular function. Purification not only occurs on the physical level, but also on the level of the psyche and mind. All problems and unpleasant experiences that we have “swallowed” and suppressed during the course of our life, continue to exist in the subconscious mind until they are faced and resolved with wisdom.

The Divinity of the Vishuddhi Chakra is Brahma, the Creator, the symbol of Consciousness. In meditation when individual consciousness is dissolved in Akasha, we attain Knowledge and Wisdom. The animal designated to represent Vishuddhi Chakra, is a White Elephant. We also find in this picture an image of the moon, symbolic of the mind.

The Vishuddhi Chakra unleashes an unlimited feeling of happiness and freedom that allows our abilities and skills to blossom. Along with this stage of development there is a clear voice, a talent for singing and speech, as well as balanced and calm thoughts.

Until this Chakra is fully developed, certain difficulties may be experienced. Blockage of the Vishuddhi Chakra produces feelings of anxiety, lack of freedom, restriction, thyroid and throat problems. There may be physically unfounded manifestations of swallowing problems and speech impediments.

In the symbolic picture of Vishuddhi Chakra is a Lotus with sixteen petals. These represent the sixteen potential abilities (Klas) that a human can develop. Since the Vishuddhi Chakra is the centre of sound, the number sixteen can also represent the sixteen vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet. Vak Siddhi may be realised in this centre, which is the extraordinary ability to have the words that one speaks come true.

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