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You may be in a yoga class and hear the teacher using Sanskrit words for different aspects of body, mind & soul exercises. We thought you might find this list helpful in translating some of the more commonly used terms. Use always the box on the right to navigate our Glossary. Feedback for corrections and additions is welcome: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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- the principle of common morality, the first stage of Raja Yoga

- the king of death, god of death

- a holy river in India, another name for the pingala

- a symbolical, geometrical drawing, amulet

- a reunion of the individual with the cosmos
- YOG BRASHT - an interruption, a break on the yoga path
- YOGA MAYA - the illusionary divine power
- YOGA NIDRA - the sleep of the yogi, a deep relaxation technique
- YOGA SUTRAS - the title of Patanjali's text on Raja Yoga
- YOGA VEDANTA PHILOSOPHY - the philosophy of non-dualism
- HATHA YOGA - a yoga system for purifying the body and harmonizing the pranas
- KRIYA YOGA - a set of techniques for advanced yoga practitioners
- KUNDALINI YOGA - a yoga path for the awakening and unfolding of the kundalini
- SVAR YOGA - a yoga concerned with harmonization of energy flows

the four main yoga paths:
- BHAKTI YOGA - the yoga of devotion and love
- JNANA YOGA - the yoga of knowledge
- KARMA YOGA - the yoga of selfless action
- RAJA YOGA - the yoga of meditation

- one who has united his atma with paramatma through yoga practise, or the one who has realized in oneself the non-duality of atma and paramatma ; the one who practices yoga