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You may be in a yoga class and hear the teacher using Sanskrit words for different aspects of body, mind & soul exercises. We thought you might find this list helpful in translating some of the more commonly used terms. Use always the box on the right to navigate our Glossary. Feedback for corrections and additions is welcome: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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- consciousness, spirit; conscious, alert and awake

CHAKRA - wheel, psychic and energy centre in the body
- AGYA CHAKRA - the chakra located between the eyebrows, Third Eye centre
- ANAHATA CHAKRA - heart centre, also called hridaya kamal
- BINDU CHAKRA - the centre in the vertex region
- DEVIK CHAKRAS - the divine chakras, from the upper end of the spine to the crown
- MANIPURA CHAKRA - navel centre, also called nabhi kamal
- MULADHARA CHAKRA - root chakra, the centre in the root of the spinal column, also called mul kamal
- PASHU CHAKRAS - the animal chakras, in human extend from toes to pelvis
- SAHASRARA CHAKRA - the crown chakra, also called brahmarandhra
- SVADHISHTHANA CHAKRA - centre in the sexual organs region
- VIRA CHAKRAS - the human chakras, along the spinal column
- VISHUDDHI CHAKRA - laryngeal centre, also called kanth kamal

- the moon
- CHANDRA NAMASKAR - salutation to the moon, an asana

CHAR - "that which is moving", a living being
- JAL CHAR - creatures that live in the water
- NABH CHAR - creatures that fly and live in the air
- THAL CHAR - creatures that live on or in the earth

CHELA - pupil, disciple

CHETAN - alive, living; conscious witness of all deeds and states

CHIDAKASHA - the space of consciousness, the mental screen; (see also "akasha")
- CHIDAKASHA DHARANA - a meditation technique

CHIN MUDRA - the posture of the hands during meditation where the thumb and index finger are together, the other three fingers separated

CHINTAN - to reflect, to consider
- ATMA CHINTAN - reflecting on "Who am I?", meditation on the Self

CHIT - pure consciousness (see also "sat-cit-ananda")

CHITTA - consciousness, the substratum of thinking, mind-stuff
- CHITTA VRITTI - thought wave