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Yoga & Health

Heal Yourself

by Vishwaguruji Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda

If you want to achieve spiritual qualities, you must first control your diet. There are a few limitations to keep in mind: do not consume too many sweets, too much junk food, and no restaurant food. Prepare your own food at home. Cook a limited amount, so that nothing is left over. And eat nothing between meals – no nuts, no apples, fruit, tea, coffee – for at least four or five hours, except drinking water.

Yoga and Health - Heal YourselfThis is the training for the yogi who wants to be disciplined and make progress towards brahma gyana (Self-Realization). Your lifespan will lengthen; disease will disappear or reduce to a minimum. The most you can get is a flu or catch a cold, that's all. No more allergies. The body's immunity will be stronger. That's just from the control of the diet. Of course, if you have diabetes or any other illness and the doctor tells you that you have to eat at a certain time, that is different.

If you really want to do your yoga sadhana (practice), then first keep check on your tongue – your sense of taste. You will see that 90% of all difficulties in your body will disappear: joint problems, problems with the liver, kidneys, glands... many things. You will lose weight and you will become healthier and happier. So that's the main point in achieving the goal of your yoga practice. Yoga sadhana comes after the diet, but it should be disciplined. The best thing is to eat at the same time every day, especially if you live in the same place and do not travel often. Write in your journal when and what you ate.

Also, you should make time for your social relationships – being with friends, having some free time, swimming, etc. And Meditation has to be part of your daily practice. Meditate with your mantra. Meditation without mantra is like a body without a soul. In this way, you will see that you will heal yourself without medication.

If someone is afraid of getting cancer, this is the best prevention – diet. Then the body itself will digest and eliminate so-called foreign and harmful particles. Our immunity will destroy everything adverse. This is a complete yoga workout. Yoga exercises do not go along with overeating and obesity. You should train your muscles. Not like a bodybuilder, but according to the system Yoga in Daily Life ®. Your inner self will be very happy. You will find bliss within yourself and then you can lead others the same way. This is very important and gives your life meaning!

Vishwaguruji Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda
Debrecen, Hungary, June 2017