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You may be in a yoga class and hear the teacher using Sanskrit words for different aspects of body, mind & soul exercises. We thought you might find this list helpful in translating some of the more commonly used terms. Use always the box on the right to navigate our Glossary. Feedback for corrections and additions is welcome: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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- one of the aspects of the Divine Mother

- the Iron Age, the Age of Darkness

- pranayam technique to purify and cleanse the nasal space

- cause
- KARAN SARIR - causal body

- action, deads
- SANCHIT KARMA - the consequence of an indivudal's action in this and past lives
- PRARABDHA KARMA - that part of the karmas of previous lives that are active in present life
- KRIYAMAN (=AGAMI) KARMA - present acts
- NISKAM KARMA - selfless acts that do not produce negative karma
- KARMA INDRYAS - the agents of action
- KARMA YOGA - the yoga of action

- special yoga  techniques and diet for the enhancement of vitality and regeneration of the body

- kechari - to pull (see also "mudra"), yoga techniques for advanced aspirants, to be carried out only under the supervision of the master

- divine chanting

- fate, good or bad luck

- upsets, problems, distasteful circumstances


KOSHA - covering, sheath which surrounds the atma
- ANNAMAYA KOSHA - the sheath of nourishment
- PRANAMAYA KOSHA - the sheath of prana, life energy
- MANOMAYA KOSHA - the sheath of mind 
- VIJNANMAYA KOSHA - the sheath of intellect
- ANANDAMAYA KOSHA - the sheath of bliss or causal body

- grace
- GURU KRIPA - the grace of the guru

KRIYA- actions, normal actions
- HATHA YOGA KRIYAS - special yoga techniques for purification of the body
- RAYA YOGA KRIYAS - a set of yoga techniques for advanced aspirants
- KRIYA SHAKTI - the power of deed and actions, the ability to act
- KRIYA YOGA - a set of yoga techniques for advanced disciples

KSHATRIYA - a member of the caste of warriors and rulers; typifies hands

KUBERAS - deities of fortune and prosperity

KUMBHAKA - holding breath, a pranayam technique

KUNDALINI SHAKTI - the shakti or power of the divine Self which is hidden or latent in the human

KUNDALINI YOGA - a yoga path for the awakening and unfolding of the consciousness

KUSANG - bad company