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Expert - View Meditation produces positive changes in the brain

In a small but highly provocative study, a Universty of Wisconsin - Madison (UW-Madison), USA, research team has found, for the first time, that a short program in "mindfulness meditation" produced lasting positive changes in both the brain and the function of the immune system. The findings suggest that meditation, long promoted as a technique to reduce anxiety and stress, might produce important biological effects that improve a person's resiliency.

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Expert - View The System "Yoga in Daily Life" as Therapy

Characteristics of practising Yoga postures are: conscious directing of the attention to the movement or posture and the ensuing reactions in the body, balanced change between phases of tension and relaxation, performance of the exercises in coordination with the breath, slow performance of the exercises and resting after certain positions, regular change from bending, stretching and twisting movements, as well as strengthening and stretching exercises, most postures involve the whole body in the movement. Having these characteristics, the Yoga postures demonstrate a broad and holistic spectrum of efficiency on the physical as well as psychological plane that can be effectively used for a variety of therapeutic purposes.

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Expert - View Pranayama (breathing exercises) in Light of Contemporary Science

Slowly the modern Western and ancient Yogic sciences seem to meet in mutual discoveries. Many of these discoveries were made some thousands of years ago and are being rediscovered in the present time. From all the ancient and current knowledge we can say that breathing is not given to us for mere survival. Through various breathing exercises performed correctly we can explore and unveil in completeness, the possibilities that our body offers. We can influence the functioning of the brain, conserve body energy, adapt to various external difficulties such as cold and heat, and efficiently regulate our metabolism according to current needs. And, most importantly, we can proceed with our quest for realisation.

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