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Scientific Research

Children with Emotional and Behaviour Disturbances

Application of the System Yoga in Daily Life in Children with Emotional and Behaviour Disturbances.

Lenka Hermanová, Mgr. Special pedagogue – etopedist, Brno




In the centre of our attention is going to be a child with emotional and behavioural difficulties. His life differs from ours – he negatively influences relationships around him without mentioning how or why. He cannot concentrate and often speaks quicker that thinks. He does not understand what is going on around him as he does not want to behave poorly, rudely or over-sensitively. His parents bring him up in the spirit of moral values, so how is it that his life just goes from bad to worse?

The aim of the lecture will be to look at the life of a child with emotional and behavioural difficulties and to find the possibilities of helping with using the system Yoga in Daily Life. Through yoga practice we will try to find a support for self-reflection, check the expressions of negative emotions and confirm interpersonal relationships of these children.