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"Yoga in Daily Life" in Physiotherapy

"Yoga in Daily Life" in Physiotherapy
Harriet Bucher, Yoga in Daily Life teacher, Physiotherapist,

freelance in physiotherapy practice,

lecturer of University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna




It is almost thirty years ago since I have started with my work as a physiotherapist as well as leading my first yoga classes. As I continued to experience the benefits of "Yoga in Daily Life" and its great value for the physical and mental health, I was getting increasingly convinced that the integration of "Yoga in Daily Life" would be an immense enrichment for my work in physiotherapy.


"Yoga in Daily Life" in Therapy


Yoga-postures, breathing techniques and Neti (cleaning of the nose) have a great significance in especially in respiratory therapy. Nadi Shodhana balances Prana and promotes a healthy respiratory function.

Back pain, stiffness and pain in joints are most frequently problems of my patients. Practice of the Yoga Asanas provides the necessary range of motions, keeps the muscles and connective tissues strong and flexible and improves the nourishment of joints. Yoga exercises are psychosomatic exercises, which have a balancing influence on body and mind. Those patients who suffer recurrently from back pain consider the system of "Yoga in Daily Life" an extremely beneficial exercise program.

According to many scientific studies and also to my own experience Yoga is most helpful for people with problems of the heart, blood pressure and circulation. Relaxation, breathing techniques, Asanas, Pranayamas and meditation have an holistic effect on body, mind and conciousness. This effect helps patients to change their lifestyle in a healthy direction.


"Yoga in Daily Life" in Health Care


A scientific study of the WHO shows that the cause of widespread diseases in the industrialised world is in 75% due to our lifestyle. This fact underlines the importance of Health Care and Prevention in our society. It is the holistic effect of "Yoga in Daily Life" on health which underpins its importance in modern health care and daily prevention.

Since last year "Yoga in Daily Life" has been taught at our University for physiotherapy students to promote consciousness for everyone’s own healthy lifestyle and to be integrated into different therapy settings.

As "Yoga in Daily Life" is a scientific system of Relaxation, Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditation it is particularly suitable for the health system. The positive effects of this system are evident and acknowledged in different medical fields for almost 40 years.