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Emotions, their messages and self-knowledge

Emotions, their messages and self-knowledge

Jana Dudinská, Mgr.
Psychologist, Levoča, Slovakia




This whole world is influenced by emotions, desires, unfulfilled expectations. They are not simple and they are hidden under the ocean´s surface just like an ICEBERG – we can see only what is over the water – 10%. We can see the outside world, we see a person who behaves in a particular way. If we want to understand anybody, we have to look into and understand what is under the sea surface, what influences him, why he behaves in a particular way. The most constructive way is to explore how it works inside us, to get to know ourselves, and then understand the others through our own selfknowledge. Today is an answer to the past and none of us can change the past. But we can change our view of it, we can release the negative emotions and thoughts that appeared in the given situation and got stuck, so that we are not influenced by it again and again. If we get a social position, power, it is logical and probable that according to our own unsolved past, according to the family map that we carry inside, we will make decisions. It is impossible to create peace if we do not have it in our hearts. YiDL has healing codes and they teach us how to step out of the closed vicious circle. . How to release stress, harmonize vegetative NS, how to heal both body and soul. At the entrance into a human being, there are four components. Food, movement, breath and stress. If we influence these four components, life will change for better. Practising yoga and using its knowledge makes us freer. So let our shadows be purified, so we can enter the light and influence this world in a positive and constructive way.