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Prevention of upper respiratory tract infections and colds

Yoga in Daily Life and prevention of upper respiratory tract infections and colds

Brno 2. 3. 2013
MUDr. Zbyněk Luňáček




Upper respiratory tract infections and colds are the most common diseases in general and are the most common health problem for which people contact a physician. Yoga is very beneficial in prevention of this diseases. By using some technics from Yoga in daily life especially non-specific immunity and barier function of mucous membrane can be influenced. Particular asanas are very useful (sarva hita asans, ushtrasana, simhasana, sarvangasana, halasana, matsjasana, ardha Matsjendrasana, khatu prana), also some pranayamas (ujjayi), kriyas (neti, nauli,kapalabhati). The very important thing is to practice regularly a properly. Chronic stress can be a strong factor that significantly reduces proper function of the immune system, so relaxation and mediation are very useful. Proper nutrition is also very important, regular consumption of spices and vegetables like neem, turmeric and ginger has good preventive effect.