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Utilisation of the system Yoga in Daily Life in osteoporosis

Utilisation of the system Yoga in Daily Life in osteoporosis.

Martin Repko, assoc. prof., MD, PhD

Orthopaedic Department, University Hospital Brno, Brno, Czech Republic

Recens, orthopaedic-physiotherapeutical center Brno, Czech Republic




Osteoporosis as a metabolic illness leads to significant decreasing of bone density, decalcification and subsequent risk of fractures. This is definetely kind of civilisation illness due to considerable decrease of movement activities in the life of these patients. Right movement activities significantly support prevention as well as treatment of osteoporosis.


Possibilities of Yoga in Daily Life system application in osteoporotic patients:

1. muscle dysbalances correction

- relaxation and stretching of shortened muscles (asanas, relaxation, pranayama)

- strenghtening of weakened muscles (asanas, pranayama)

2. improvement of balance and prevention of downfall and risk of fractures

- adjusting of postural muscles (asanas, relaxation, pranayama)

- affection of central nervous systém (relaxation, meditation)

3. enthronement of healthy movement

- securing of adequate range of movement

- adjustment of right movement stereotypes

- activisation of osteoblasts and new bone forming

4. harmonisation of endocrine system and improvement of calcium storing to the bones

- direct affection of endocrine glands (bandhas, asanas, pranayama)

- harmonisating process of neurovegetative system (relaxation, asanas, meditation)

5. clarification of digestive system and improvement of calcium absorption to the blood

- hathayoga kriyas, vegetarian diet

6. healthy way of life

- basic principles of the system Yoga in Daily Life