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Yoga experience in the physiotherapy practice

Yoga experience in the physiotherapy practice.

David Heneberg,

Dis. Regeneration studio Dayal




Regeneration studio Dayal was founded in 1999 as a free association of therapists. Offered services are focused especially on prevention, on the treatment of chronicle painful syndromes of back and spine and of posttraumatic syndromes as well as on the postoperative treatment. Studio Dayal is a private facility and is not limited by any insurance company contract. Since the studio was founded the services in the area of physiotherapy are based on the principles of Yoga in Daily Life system. It’s founder, physiotherapist David Heneberg, already in 2003 focused his diploma study on the subject how yoga influences motional system of a human body. Thanks to the concrete case studies it was possible to prove that yoga has positive effect on harmonisation and strengthening of the motion system of a human body. For more than 13 years the studio has been offering the possibility of the rehabilitation exercises during which the yoga principles are applied. Practise of the studio has proved that thanks to the use of yoga the clients have experienced:

- strengthening of the therapy impact thanks to the possibility to use well organised system Yoga in Daily Life through which the impact of the certain postures is aimed on the certain problems;

- strengthening of the impact of the rehabilitation exercises through learning the complete yoga breathing techniques and flowingly accompanying every posture with the adequate way of breathing;

- strengthening of the therapy impact through learning and practice of deep relaxation;

- strengthening of the motivation to provide the necessary exercises through the understanding to the holistic perception of body, mind and spirit;

- strengthening of the client’s acceptance of the responsibility for own health through the understanding to yoga philosophy