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Effect of yoga on the development of children in the preschool period

Effect of yoga on the development of children in the preschool period

Jana Kazmirská

Headmistress, Nursery school Ostrava
Mariánské Hory, Zelená 73A




Yoga - the ancient teachings, perhaps as old as civilization itself. Constant current, modern, useful and revealing to each of us.

There are many schools teaching yoga. Yoga in Daily Life is a school with a highly sophisticated system of harmony soul, mind, body and lifestyle. The author, as we all know, Mr Paramhans Swami Mahamandalšvár Maheshwarananda.

What effect does yoga to children and from where it is possible to talk about the fact that children are affected by yoga? When practicing yoga with children of preschool age are the effects of yoga practiced a great asset to their overall physical and mental development. We can say that the elements of yoga can be applied to children from birth. Children with illnesses, disabilities, impairments or behavioral problems regular yoga can significantly improve these problems or is completely removed. Everything has, however, causes in the environment, family, lifestyle, very much depends on what the family environment of the child. Already fetus in the mother's womb perceives external stimuli and responds to them. Harmonious environment, exercise and organic food are basic factors for healthy child development can fundamentally affect. Yoga for children eliminate bad habits and rends and influences physical development. Strengthens the immune system. Significantly develops talent and innate skills.

In today's world a very hectic life is very beneficial for children to learn at least some elements of yoga, folk wisdom says that what you learn in youth, old age as you found it.