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Scientific Research

Connection Between Psychology and Yoga

Applied Yoga - Connection Between Psychology and Yoga.

Anna Galovičová, PhDr. Piešťany, Slovakia




This abstract is a presentation of results of a study: aplication of Yoga in Daily Life for mental development of human. It is poiting out some connections and common points between psychology and yoga.


In our western world hatha-yoga exercises, various psychosomatical, breath a relaxation techniques are widly  spreaded and known. Anyhow it seems to to be important to understand also other aspects of yoga – especially psycho-social a mental as well as spiritual. The pathfinder in this field in the west is prof. Schultz, the author of autogenous training (AT). AT was spreaded in the west as an alternative to yoga relaxation technique (yoganidra).


It would be a mistake to think that the aim of yoga is just pleasant appeasement. The aim of yoga is to gain inner piece and silence which is the key to human potentials to be manifestated.


Dissimilary to hypnosis which is a heterogenous method and a person is reliant to help of others, with yoga the person is able to hepl himself – by autogenous training.


J.H. Schultz showed us the way to „creative and working“ unconsciousness on the contrary to more „ disturbing and vicious“ uncosciousness of Freud philosophy.


The aim of this presentation is to convey to you my experiences how to use your mental potentials better not only on the base of believe in enlightment but also in the work with uncosciousness as a good and heplfull „secretary“ to whom we give a duty and who works on it independently, reliably and without any effort – the results come naturally.