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The principles of vegetarianism

The principles of vegetarianism.

Jaroslav Škvařil

Member of special board of the

Czech Society for Nutrition and Vegetarianism




Increased intake of fruit and vegetable, and fibre (found in pulses and cereals with the whole kernel of grain) has been nutrition trend for many years. After 2000, the focus turned to protective substances, predominantly found in plant based foods, and its sufficient intake, starting a new trend. Based on this knowledge, it would appear that foods of animal origin should be reduced because its current level of consumption leads to insufficient intake of protective substances. Such recommendation proved to be true in the Czech Republic where the dietary habits changed between 1990 and 1995. This positive trend has continued (to a lesser extend) till today. It could be suggested that such change in dietary practices has significantly contributed to improved health state in the Czech population. The growing cardiovascular disease morbidity stopped and has been on its decrease ever since. The life expectancy has also increased significantly. The level of change of dietary habits was not however sufficient to stop the growing incidence of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


In the Czech Republic, various social groups have been promoting the new nutrition trend mentioned above. Such groups were the prime drivers for positive change of dietary habits that contributed significantly to the positive outcome of the incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease mortality in the Czech Republic after 1990. Further nutrition education work is required to stop the growing incidence of obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease morbidity in the Czech Republic.