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System of yoga techniques in health education and in wellness

System of yoga techniques in health education and in wellness.

Milada Krejčí, assoc. prof., PaedDr., CSc.

Vice-rector of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport,

Prague, Czech Republic




The paper is aimed on mental health development of children and youth and on implementation of mental hygiene in schools of the Czech Republic. The theoretic part focuses on actual health knowledge about the signification of mental health in EU states. The exploration contains results of interventional strategies verified in about hundred schools in Czech Republic in pupils aged 13 – 15 years old. Diagnostic methods contained interventional programs (12 week duration). Results present high level of benefits of yoga program intervention in relatively short time of the influence. Significant changes were found in pupils stress management ability, in self - esteem, and values. Pupils expanded their knowledge and skills in interpersonal relations and they got to know new options of adequate movement regime based on yoga techniques .


Keywords: health education, mental health, adolescence, yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques, adequate movement regime, wellness