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Scientific Research

Psychosomatic diseases treatment

Application of the system Yoga in Daily Life

in psychosomatic diseases treatment.

Martin Urbánek, MD

Department of Neurology,

Psychiatric Hospital Brno, Czech Republic




The Department of Neurology at the psychiatric hospital in Brno offers a wide variety of somatic diseases, psychiatric and psychosomatic and this therefore allows the use of yoga in their entirety. It is interesting that despite advances in medicine, certain diseases of civilization especially in the population is still growing. The reason is obviously incorrect lifestyle coupled with a lack of physical activity, excessive mental stress and improper diet. Yoga is one of the ways to actively participate in health maintenance to prevent the occurrence of many diseases (especially of civilization), and how to participate in the form of supportive therapy do develop the disease. The author also deals with the analysis of one of the possible development of the principles of psychosomatic disease, refers to the three levels of processing stressful situations and their possible influence by using yogic techniques. It emphasizes a holistic approach to providing patients with information on the use of yoga in their treatment process and presents a summary of yoga and similar techniques and procedures used in the workplace. Finally, the author presents the possibility of an even wider application and use of yoga, what supportive therapy for diseases in the Psychiatric Hospital.