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Impact Of Sport Activity

Impact Of Sport Activity Training With The Use Of Yoga In Daily Life ® Techniques

On Physical Fitness In Adolescents With Intelectual Disabilities:
Pilot study using randomized control study design


Tine Kovačič, Head of Medicine and rehabilitation department of CUDV Dobrna




Aim: Recent research in population with intellectual disability (ID) indicates that people with ID are living sedentary life style and are less physically active than the general population. The growing demand for implementation of additional sports and recreational trainings with the use of yoga in daily life techniques (YIDL techniques) requires a research protocol to evaluate scientifically its impact on overall development of adolescents with ID and its impact on their overall physical fitness. A secondary aim of this pilot study was to determine the feasibility of conducting a future clinical trial on the impact and special effects of sports and therapeutic exercise with the use of YIDL techniques in adolescents with ID.

Methodology: The efficacy of intensive sports and therapeutic exercise program with the use of YIDL techniques to maximum physical fitness was validated by true experimental study design in order to be used as an integral part of competent, comprehensive individualised programme for adolescents and future athletes with ID. The convenience sample of 20 adolescents with ID were randomised to the experimental (N=10) and to the control group (N=10). We used valid and reliable screening tests for special Olympics healthy athletes fun fitness programme developed by American physical therapy association. Measures were obtained after randomisation (pre test) in order to equalise both groups and in the end of the study period (post test).


Results: The two groups did not differ in baseline scores for flexibility, power, balance and aerobic capacity (P>0.05). Significant differences were found between the experimental and control groups in physical fitness scores over 2 years (P<0.05). Conclusion: The article highlights the importance of close interdisciplinary cooperation of sports teacher and a physiotherapist specialized in YIDL system techniques.