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Scientific Research

Managerial Meditation

Managerial Meditation relating to Managerial Training and Development

Inspired by Yoga in Daily Life System

Petr Růžička, Mgr. Accredited Senior Coach,

consultant, lecturer, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist




This paper deals with application of managerial meditation within Training and Development in HR Area for Companies programme. It presents a brief definition of terms, outlines stress relations, longterm attitudes and integrity of a manager. It also gives a survey of positive effects of regular meditations, as stated by research. Mgr. Petr Růžička, author of the paper, being also a coach and consultant, describes how he applies modified concentration on breath with complete enjoyment of breath compactness, prolongation of exhalation and a short bahira kumbhaka, which is in its basic version free of spirituality so that it is accessible to " atheists" and also to purely materialistic and performance-oriented managers. In the summary the author presents specific positive changes relating to practice of meditation within coaching.


His conclusions are as follows:


1. Stress is one of the key factors reducing work efficiency.

2. Research confirms a significant effect of meditation in reducing stress load.

3. Proper application of modified meditation ( concenrtation on breath) free of spirituality is advisable in individual work with TOP managers.

4. Apart from significant antistress effect, meditation leads to broadening awareness of a wider context, to reflection about the meaning of life and work, freedom and responsiblity.

It further leads to development of creativity, intuition, perspective and to better goals setting and awareness of life values.