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March 2005
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World Peace Tour 2005

His Holiness Swamiji once more tours the world to spread the message of peace and to inspire people to follow the ethics and moral principles of non-violence, love, the protection of all living creatures, and the tolerance, respect, and understanding of all religions, cultures, and nations. The two-month tour (mid March - mid May 2005) will take Swamiji through various cities and places of United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and finally India.

Swamiji fills the Gallus Hall in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana

The renowned Gallus Hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia, seating about 1400 visitors, was filled up to the last place. Swamiji began to sing OM and there was complete silence. Then Swamiji spoke, "When we speak about Divine Consciousness, we somehow dwell in it, it is a similar process as when a diver dives deep into the sea to get the pearls. In this way I will now dive into Divine Consciousness and bring you the Divine Knowledge".

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