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Annual Vegetarian Ball held in Martin, Slovakia


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On 13 February 2016, the Yoga in Daily Life Society in Martin, Slovakia, hosted the 6th annual Vegetarian Ball.  

The event, which has become a tradition taking place each year, brought together nearly 200 people of all ages - vegetarians, vegans and fans of living a healthy and ethical lifestyle - from nine countries.

The delicious food, prepared by Vegetarian restaurant in Martin, served as a backdrop for strengthening old friendships and creating new ones. And this year's event was also coloured by a rich program of traditional folklore, with songs and dance, and many guests and performers dressed in traditional folk costumes from a variety of regions of Slovakia, and also from abroad.

The entire event was marked by a friendly atmosphere and held in the spirit of Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda’s motto “Protect Planet Earth”. In this light, participants advocated that foods of plant origin are not only healthy, ethical and tasty, but also have a much lower impact on the planet's environment than non-vegetarian foods.


Visit for more inspiration and guidance for healthy living from Vishwaguruji.


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