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Autumn visit to Villach in southern Austria

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Vishwaguruji returns to Europe

Vishwaguruji recently returned from a special journey to the Himalayas in India, to give a few weeks of programs in Europe, including Edinburgh, London, Vienna and Villach. The pilgrimage trip to the Himalayas was with a group of 200 disciples traveling to the location of the origins of the Yoga in Daily Life master lineage, OM Sri Alakhpuriji Siddhapeeth Parampara.

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Visit to Villach, Austria

Beautiful sunny weather brightened the Weekend Seminar in Villach, Carinthia, where more than 300 participants from all over Austria and neighbouring countries gathered together. For many of them it was their first program with Vishwaguruji after his return from India.

A notable event took place on Saturday when Vishwaguruji planted a Peace Tree, together with city councillor Mag. Irene Hofstätter Lackner, the director of the city gardens DI. Hannelore Hudezeck, and gardener Herbert Karl. The Vice Mayor of Villach, Dr. Petra Oberrauner and Sister Andreas from the Wernberg Monastery sent messages of greeting for the occasion. The event took place in the park named after Walther von der Vogelweide, a famous medieval bard. The tree that was planted is a very special and rare tree, a 'hanging purple beech', which should live up to 350 years and grow to a height of 25m. While chanting Vedic mantras for peace and harmony, Vishwaguruji blessed the tree, that it shall stand for health, prosperity and fulfilment of good wishes.

Read Vishwaguruji's Message of Peace from the ceremony:

Weekend Seminar

The main topic of Vishwaguruji's lectures was the cyclical nature of the created world. He explained that Shiva is born by his own immanent will, without parents – therefore he is known an Swayambhu, the 'self-manifested', and that all other deities and divine incarnations, including Brahma, Vishnu, Rama and Krishna, are limited in some way or another.

Our own life is exposed to change, as it starts on some day, it functions for some time, and it ends someday. After death, the body does not vanish, but decomposes back to the five elements, and in such a way starts a new existence, in a new form. Similarly the jivatma, the individual soul, continues its journey, and in its next life it may even appear as a plant or animal – depending on its deeds, its karma.

But finally, the journey ends when atma merges into Self, Brahman – the all-pervading and never born Universal Self.

All these processes are happening according to Sanatan Dharma, the Eternal Law.

During this traveling of the soul, the human life has a special quality – awareness; and, as Vishwaguruji pointed out, it is expressed in one bhajan (spiritual song): humans are travelers through the cycle of birth and death, searching for the light of consciousness that originates from Shiva.

"Although this globe, the Earth, is called the mortal world, I would say that it is an immortal world. Even the so-called death of the body is a circulation, as the elements that composed it will survive and continue their existence."

Article published in German language on Austrian YIDL website:

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