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Awakening hearts of yoga in daily life

Yoga in Daily Life centres and ashrams across Europe experienced a profound blessing by hosting Vishwaguruji on his tour during March and April 2024, where he shared inspiration and advice for living a spiritually healthy daily life.

There is an ancient story of why the elephant sprinkles sand on their body after a bath. There are various explanations for this, such as protection from the sun's harsh rays or to ward off mosquitoes. The legend says that the elephant's own answer was that a saint once walked this path, and so the elephant sprinkles the sand on their head in the hope of catching even a trace of the sacred earth that bore the saint's footsteps.

In the same way, the students and practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life travelled to see their teacher, hear his words of wisdom and receive his blessings. And knowing that people have different circumstances and many are not able to travel far, Vishwaguruji made an effort to visit as many ashrams in Europe as he could, in this short time.


On the day of his arrival to Holy Guruji Ashram in Vienna, Vishwaguruji said that he created Yoga in Daily Life to bring people to the path of goodness, to teach non-violence, and to make everyone pure.

"One day when you go, you will lie down and then you are gone," said Vishwaguruji, very gently. "Even if someone has done something bad, I will instruct them what to do to make it good. That is why we sing bhajans at every satsang. We sing bhajans and that purifies us. We come to the ashram with many problems, but the purity of this place, the purity of these songs, purifies us."

Vishwaguruji said that Holy Guruji Ashram is one of the purest ashrams in Vienna. "There are many sadhus and swamis, and many places where they are, but they come home and eat meat. Wherever I am, I'm eating only vegetables, not meat, fish and eggs. There is only one Bhagwan. We don’t know, but He knows. One day He will bring us to oneness. But you have to be a human. Animals are very good, but still their consciousness is not that pure. Many come to earth as humans, but they are killing others. They will come back next life as some animal. Why? Because of that killing. It is not something that one can choose, karma will form our next life."

Vishwaguruji said that his guru, his father and mother, did not eat meat, and nowadays many more people are not eating meat – more and more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan.

”If you decide now that you will not eat meat, in my heart I promise that I will bring you to the good side, to that highest unity. And if you come here again, I will be with you. In the next life, I will bring you to that highest consciousness. But you have to do it yourself, and I will help you. Become pure, do not eat meat, fish or eggs. That way we can become one with God. We have to clean ourselves from the inside. I will always give you the best things, I will give you peace.”


3. prague 2 wm
With this message, Vishwaguruji travelled to the serenity of Strilky Ashram in Czechia, where a visual presentation of the opening ceremony of the OM Ashram was shown. Everyone was mesmerized by beautiful photos of the OM Ashram and the Grand Opening event.

He also visited the ashram in Prague, where he again spoke of the importance of nourishment, saying, "Please do not eat eggs and do not give them to your children. Eggs are not healthy. There are so many animals, but there is only one human being. Only humans can reach God. But if we eat meat, fish and eggs, we go to the lower animal consciousness after death. We should eat fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, then we can reach a higher God-consciousness."


4. slovenska vas 1 wm4. slovenska vas 2 wm

Vishwaguruji’s tour continued to Slovenska Vas, a small village in Slovenia, on the border of Croatia, bringing together people from both countries. For three days, disciples and practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life filled the Narayan Hall, where they were welcomed with fruit, chai, vegan cakes and snacks. The program was coloured with Bharatanatyam, the traditional form of Indian dance performed by Bhakti Devi, plus beautiful bhajans and meeting with the Master.


In his endless love, Vishwaguruji then went to Slovakia, where everyone could personally come to their Gurudev and lighten their hearts, while bhajans filled the atmosphere with divinity. In Czechia and Slovakia, there are families who are devotees of Vishwaguruji for the fourth generation, so the people of Presov, Spisska Nova Ves and Bratislava were filled with devotion when Vishwaguruji came to their hometowns.

5. spisskanovaves wm6. presov wm7. bratislava wm


As a cherry on the top of the cake, the last country in this Vishwaguruji’s European tour was the capital town of Hungary, Budapest. As Tyagpuriji, a long-term devotee and Yoga in Daily Life senior teacher from Hungary said, we were like a desert waiting for the rain. Vishwaguruji’s coming to Hungary woke us up, and love filled every heart.

8. hungary wm

Unstoppable in his divine mission, Vishwaguruji continues to India, where the devotees at OM Ashram welcome him with great devotion.

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