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Barcelona School Humanitarian Donation for the Gyan Putra Project



School kids in Barcelona raise funds for school kids in India Yoga en la Vida Cotadiana, our Spanish YIDL society, has sent a report about young Asha, who lives with her family in Barcelona, all of them disciples of Swamiji and practising Yoga in Daily Life.

Asha has inspired her school to support the education of  school children in Rajasthan, India. Every year Asha's school in Catalonia, organizes a collection for some humanitarian project. This year, thanks to her suggestion, the Gyan Putra Project was selected - this is a project which provides free education at the Jadan School (Shree Vishwa Deep Gurukul Maheshwaranand Ashram Vidyalaya) for children from poor and/or large families, and also gives financial support for their schooling needs, such as: school uniforms, teaching aids, and bus travel to and from school.

The Barcelona school children created many hundreds of small rose pins, which they offered for donations on Saint George's Day, 23 April 2014. On this particular holy saint's day each year it is a tradition in Catalonia to give roses as a present. The children collected 5000 EUR which has been kindly transferred in full to the Gyan Putra account.


In the videoclip you can see the children working on their fundraising creations:



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