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Celebrations of International Day of Yoga in Croatia

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Special activities and events with public presentations and free exercise instruction, have taken place in Split, Novigrad, Pula, Rijkea, Varaždin, Umag and the capital city Zagreb, during a week of International Day of Yoga (IDY) celebrations in Croatia.

In the Riviera of Riga, the Yoga in Daily Life Society, together with other local Yoga Schools, organized a central event marking the International Day of Yoga.

The celebration of IDY in Pula started on Sunday 18 June 2017, with a morning program in the Šijana Forest Park.

Around 100 yoga practitioners gathered in Korzo Street in front of the City Hall. Many passers-by joined the group in practising a series of yoga asanas. Others paused to watch, in spite of the early morning rush hour and very high temperatures.

The crowd was greeted and welcomed by Mr Modhyji – delegate from the Indian Embassy in Croatia, Mr. Vojko Obersnel – Mayor of Rijeka, Mr. Jadran Mandekić – head of the 'The Healthy City of Rijeka' project and Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri – head of the Yoga in Daily Life Zagreb association.

The group yoga demonstration and practice was followed by a ceremonial opening of the Let’s Practice Yoga for a Healthier City exhibition of photographs of YIDL practitioners from Rijeka performing yoga postures (asanas). The photographs are accompanied by the practitioners’ comments on yoga, the role it plays in their lives and the changes it has brought about in their lives and within themselves. The author of this exhibition is a journalist Ms. Slavica Mrkić Modrić. The photos were taken by Mr. Marko Gracin. The photos have been exhibited in Korzo Street since 19 June 2017, and so far the exhibition has been visited by thousands of local citizens.

The International Day of Yoga celebration in Varaždin was very much a joint effort. The yoga session was taught by teachers from several local yoga schools: Yoga in Daily Life, Shakti Studio, Šareni Slon and Plavo Drvo. Mr Alen Runac – head of the City of Varaždin Sports Organizations Community joined the celebration, as did the Second Secretary of the Indian Embassy in Croatia Mr. Harish Kumar Narula, and the City Vice Mayor, Ms. Sandra Malenica. Thanks to the yoga practitioners’ support, Varaždin was once again a part of the great worldwide International Day of Yoga celebrations.

The IDY was also celebrated in Umag, on a day with lovely weather. The celebration began with yoga postures and ended as a social gathering where tea and apple strudel were the refreshments served.

In the beautiful sun-bathed park of King Tomislav Square, over 300 practitioners practiced the official part of the program together; followed by a presentation of the largest Zagreb school.

Yoga for Prisoners in Zagreb
Yoga in Daily Life included in its free IDY activities on Tuesday, 20 June, a workshop 'Yoga in Daily Life as a special treatment program for inmates' in Remetinec Prison, led by yoga teacher Alen Minić. A great number of prisoners showed keen interest, and after listening to the introductory lecture, actively participated in the Yoga Workshop.

Many asanas, as practiced in their yoga sessions, will help them overcome everyday problems. Most of the inmates had a positive response and said that yoga was something very different from anything they've experienced in other special treatments.

At the end of workshop, staff and therapists in the prison, as well as inmates themselves, expressed their wish to include yoga practice within the program of avoiding prison punishments, saying it could be a great help in overcoming a variety of mental disturbances which the inmates may experience during their time in prison.

IDY and YIDL in Zagreb Police Academy

On the occasion of IDY2017 yoga was also practiced at the main Police Academy in Zagreb. One of the wide variety of events in Croatia held to celebrate 'Yoga Day', Yoga in Daily Life organized a lecture and workshop entitled 'Yoga in Daily Life as stress relief for police'.

The lecture and workshop were given by Yoga in Daily Life teacher Alen 'Gopala' Minić. The program was held on 19 June in the Police Academy sports hall in Zagreb. It was a perfect occasion for the attendants to learn yoga exercises and pranayama techniques from the Yoga in Daily Life System.

For most participants, it was their first contact with yoga. The atmosphere in the class was vibrant and most of the participants showed great interest to gain new knowledge.

Police Academy officers reacted well to the yoga and showed interest to continue their personal practice of yoga systematically.

Some events were recorded by local media - Glas Istre

Read more and view many photos on the Croatian YIDL website.