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Daily life in the YIDL Camp at Kumbha Mela, Ujjain 2016


There are many special sacred events taking place in the streets of Ujjain and on the River Kshipra for the Simhasth Kumbha Mela. Here are some images of daily life inside the Sri Alakhpuriji Siddha Peeth Parampara Camp between those events...


KM camp from the air

Sri Alakhpuriji Siddha Peeth Camp from the air, located on a farm next to a large park.


shiva arati kumbha mela camp  1U4A1722everyday life 26 4 2016

Day begins with prayer at the Shiva Lingam.    Our farm hosts arise for morning duties too.


 DSC0735   DSC0761

20160420 084939

Morning sadhana (practice) in the Bhakti Sagar hall.


1U4A0792-everyday life  1U4A0811-everyday life

Morning chai with brothers and sisters before the big heat of the day.


 DSC9170  20160420 111712 RichtoneHDR

The Camp Office is always a busy place with more bhaktas arriving almost every day.


20160420 085634

Accommodation in light structure buildings which are designed to keep camp residents cool.


 DSC9181   DSC9177

Keeping hydrated is important in 40+ degree heat; so working in the shade is preferred.


 DSC9205   DSC9190

But inevitably working in the sun is sometimes necessary too.


 DSC9214   DSC9208

Some karma yoga duties around the kitchen and eating areas.


1U4A0850-everyday life  1U4A0675everyday life 22-23 4 2016

Vishwaguruji organizing camp matters and leaving to attend bandharas in other camps.


 DSC9241   DSC9223

Time for lunch in the eating tent.


 DSC9202  1U4A1187everyday life 24 4 2016 20cm

Colorful visitors and colorful flowers adorn the ashram camp.


1U4A1716everyday life 26 4 2016  1U4A1742everyday life 26 4 2016

More afternoon activities in the camp and farm.


1U4A1766everyday life 26 4 2016 1U4A1762everyday life 26 4 2016 1U4A1768everyday life 26 4 2016

Mother lapwing protecting her eggs.


1U4A1907everyday life 26 4 2016 2dio 1U4A1895everyday life 26 4 2016 2dio 1U4A1900everyday life 26 4 2016 2dio 1U4A0679everyday life 22-23 4 2016

Supplies and refreshments are available with a cool place to sit at the Camp Shop.


evening prayer in the hall camp ujjain kumbh mela 2016 Panorama1

Evening arati (prayer) in Bhakti Sagar after sunset.


camp entrance night  KM camp entrance sign

New signs at the entrance light up to welcome all for evening satsang with Vishwaguruji.


 DSC0457   DSC0787

Swamiji satsang KM camp   DSC9640

Vishwaguruji gives satsang and awards Swami Premanandji for all his hard work.


1U4A0719everyday life 22-23 4 2016   DSC9060

When Vishwaguruji is out of camp in the evening the great spiritual epic Ramayana is played.


 DSC0444 pano1 2

Bhaktas sit together in satsang in the shelter of Gurudev.