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Daily News, Durban/South Africa: Swami Maheswarananda pays visit to sick Fatima Meer

One of the world's most respected scholars, Paramhans Swami Maheswarananda, of Vienna, Austria, paid a surprise visit to Professor Fatima Meer who is recovering from an illness at her Durban home yesterday.
The Swami prayed for Meer and then worked out an ancient exercise schedule and a diet which he said would help the popular leader who recently suffered a stroke.
Meer, who is not receiving visitors, made an exception when she received a request from the scholar who is presently attending the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
The two spoke about a wide variety of subjects ranging from world peace to saving the environment and natural medicine.
The Swami is known to have helped many people live better lives through exercise and a nourishing diet. He is a religious leader, scholar and philosopher.
Swami said that he was due to share a platform with Meer at a conference on world peace which is being hosted by the University Witwatersrand.
"I was looking forward to sharing the platform with Meer, but when I heard that she was ill, I had to excuse myself from the proceedings in Johannesburg to travel to Durban to visit her. I am extremly pleased that i did come," said the Swami, who is founder of the International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship.
He is also an international recognised expert on physical education and his book, System Yoga in Daily Life is among the best sellers with a worldwide market.
He also extended an invitation to Meer to visit Vienna on October 5 to attend an international conference on Mahatma Gandhi and peace.