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Divine time at the 2023 Summer Retreats of Yoga in Daily Life

One more annual program of Yoga in Daily Life Summer Retreats has come to an end, held under the guidance of the system's founder, Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji, over more than seven weeks, in Střílky, Czechia and in Vep, Hungary.

In this hectic world, full of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, Yoga in Daily Life offers a sanctuary for the body and soul. For nearly two months, practitioners, teachers, parents and children had the opportunity to spend time in beautiful natural surroundings, practising simple yoga postures or advanced techniques, eating fresh natural vegan and vegetarian food, and restoring inner harmony with daily satsangs.

At the beginning of the summer retreat, Vishwaguruji told a beautiful story about a bird in a cage. A bird that was born free to fly, but someone had caught it and put it in a cage. The bird thinks, "Many people come and admire my beauty. They listen to my singing and think I am happy. But I am locked in this cage; my life without freedom is very hard and full of pain.”

Even when someone opens the cage, the bird is full of fear and does not dare to fly out. She is thinking, "Where should I go; where should I fly; who will give me food?"

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This is also our condition. We are also in a cage. But only we know what our cage is – what is our problem that keeps us trapped?

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Vishwaguruji said that he travels all over the world, Europe, America, India, but wherever he goes, not many people are really happy, content and relaxed. People are constantly looking for money and other material things. All this fear is inside of us, we are thinking, “My God, what is going to happen? What am I going to do?”

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In order to remedy this, the Yoga in Daily Life summer retreats offer a safe place where everyone can come to have a rest, feel free, and relax. Here, one can come in touch with nature and receive knowledge of the highest truth. Here, a friendly face is on every corner.

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And the special 'icing on the cake' of this spiritual retreat, was the presence of Vishwaguruji, who showered his wisdom, blessings and love upon all.