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First anniversary of Holy Guruji's Mahasamadhi in India

On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 17, at an auspicious time agreed upon by the Vedic Priests, a new Ganesh Murti (statue) was installed at Jadan’s Shiva Mandir. The event was supported by numerous Sadhus & Swamis who had congregated at the Ashram for the coming celebrations. First the original Ganesha statue was dislodged with much blowing of conches, ringing of bells and singing of mantras and in the same spirit, the new Ganesha Murti was installed as the priest and pandits offered traditional mantras.

At dusk, as the sun was setting, Shankaracharya Sri 1008 Narendranand Sarasvati, welcomed all visitors to Satsang. Shankaracharyaji sat beside Swamiji’s side for the entire 3-day ceremonies. At the welcome Satsang, he spoke about the purpose of this gathering in honour of Holy Guruji who he said was the embodiment of Shakti, Bhakti and Gyana. The Satsang continued all night, with traditional bhajan singers from Bari Khatu who had travelled all day to sing bhajans in remembrance of Holy Guruji.

At dawn on the morning of November 18, after all night Satsang, puja & prayers were offered at the Mahasamadhi Shrine of Dharmsamrat Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji. The shrine had been lovingly decorated with many, many malas, made of gold and orange flowers. In the midst of all, Holy Guruji’s photo radiated forth, showering immense benevolence on all. Morning activities included a huge Bandhara, where thousands of visitors, sadhus & sannyasis were served a meal provided by the Ashram.

Activities continued on this day with a peace conference, titled: Contribution of Indian Culture to World Peace, organised by Yoga in Daily Life Foundation, New Delhi. His Holiness Swamiji spoke about Sanathan Dharma being the eternal and original source of all relgions. Sanathan Dharma is not a man-made religion like other religions and that is why it is eternal.

In his speech, Sri Shankaracharyaji praised Swamiji’s commitment to Sat Sanathan Dharma and his system of "Yoga in Daily Life". He said that people of today definitely needed to take Sanathan Dharma back in hand – Sanathan Dharma he said, is the root of all religions – it is the trunk of the tree and all other religions are the branches.

Friday, November 19 began early morning with Vedic chants. This day was dedicated to a special gathering of Garga Acharyas at a conference called: Brahman International Camp. This was presided over by Acharya Prabhakar Mishra, Preisdent of the World Religious Parliament of India. Throughout the day many vedic acharyas spoke about the importance of the Vedas and what these texts have to offer mankind. One of the acharyas spoke:

"If money is lost, nothing is lost.
If health is lost, something is lost.
If character is lost, everything is lost."

During these days thousands of visitors passed through the Ashram. Our Beloved Swamiji was completely immersed in the enormous task of hosting all and attending to every detail. When all was over, Swamiji commented that it was his immense pleasure to offer this Punya (good deed) to Holy Guruji and that nothing gives him greater satisfaction than to serve His own beloved Master.

Cultural Minister of India speaks on the Conference in Jadan Ashram Swamiji and Shankaracharyaji receiving 'Shabd Ved' New Ganesh Murti for Shiva Mandir in Jadan Ashram

Swami Yogeshji doing parikrama with Ganesh around Shiva Mandir Ganesh puja Swamiji's blessing

Prayer at Guruji's Mahasamadhi Shrine, November 18 Visitors during darshan time, November 19 Meeting with Austrian Ambassador, Dr.Stefan-Bastl in Delhi Embassy, November 23

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