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Five weeks of Summer Retreats with Vishwaguruji in Vép and Strilky

 H1D 0359

 Again this year, Vishwaguruji is guiding the traditional Summer Retreats in Vép, Hungary and Strilky, Czech Republic, in July and August.

The Yoga in Daily Life Summer Retreats offer a variety of programs: 'Exercises for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health'; Kriya Anusthana techniques for advanced practitioners; and a training program for Yoga Teachers.


Raksha Bandhan Festival

One highlight was the joyful Raksha Bandhan festival celebrated on the full moon day of 7 August. This 'Brothers and Sisters Day' emphasizes the protection, support, honour, dignity and respect for women. The Raksha Bandhan festival is a reminder about brotherhood, unity, ethical principles and spirituality. It should remind us of the equality of all humans - regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality or age.