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Glimpses from summer Yoga Seminar in Hungary

Summer Retreat

Every year, many yoga practitioners from around the word spend their summer holiday in our international Yoga in Daily Life retreats in Vép, Hungary or Strilky, Czech Republic. This year the series of Summer Retreats has begun in Hungary, where many Yoga in Daily Life practitioners attended to continue their yoga sadhana (dedicated practice) more intensively, or offer their selfless service (karma yoga) by cooking, serving food, taking care of administration or maintenance of the venue during the summer seminar.

The other spiritual benefits of these yoga seminars are that yoga aspirants, disciples, can meet with His Holiness Vishwaguru Maheshwaranandaji and can listen to his direct teachings, through his satsangs.

Throughout the annual summer yoga seminars, yoga practitioners have an opportunity to deepen their yoga practice. One of the yoga sadhana groups was led by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivekpuri, who has great experience in every aspect of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, hatha yoga kriyas) and in teaching. Seminar participants in this group had yoga sadhana twice a day, in the morning and during the afternoon, accompanied with yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivekpuri highlighted the importance of purifying the body and mind and led longer pranayama practicing and meditation during morning and afternoon sadhanas.

Those who have practiced Yoga in Daily Life for many years, had the chance to understand a deeper level of meditation and experience their five koshas (read more at:, prana (energy) and mind, day by day, in a one-week intensive meditation program called Kriya Anusthan, under the guidance of an experienced teacher of Yoga in Daily Life.

The spiritual yoga sadhana of these groups were completely harmonized by the satsangs of His Holiness Vishwaguru Maheshwaranandaji, which were fully enjoyed every day by all of yoga practitioners. The topic of 'Kundalini and Chakras' was continued in the satsangs by Vishwaguruji, along with explanation of the bhajan (devotional song) 'Sri Guru Atma Paramatma'. (see :

PranayamaSatsang 1Satsang 2

Gurpurnima Celebration

The highlight of the summer retreat was in the second week, when for the occasion of Gurupurnima, hundreds of disciples gathered together to celebrate and adore their spiritual teacher. Read more about the celebration of Gurupurnima:

BlessingPuja 1Puja 2

40 Year Anniversary

The second important event of the yoga seminar was the 40th anniversary of Yoga in Daily Life in Hungary which was held in Győr, Hungary on 4 July 2019. The conference also commemorated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between India and Hungary. More about conference can be read on

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