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Help us reconstruct the Sangam Hall in Strilky Ashram!

Mahaprabhudeep Ashram in Strilky, Czech Republic (50 km out of Brno) is the biggest international "Yoga in Daily Life" Center in Europe. The medieval castle, acquired in 1994, has been systematically renovated ever since, and through the years it has become a major venue for international YIDL seminars in Europe. More than 1000 visitors can gather in Strilky at such occasions and also the already extended Jadan hall with over 500 m2 is becoming to small to accomodate all. Many times several programs are running simultaneously and additional premises need to be rented outside the Ashram area.

Few years ago plans have been made for a huge new meditation & satsang hall, but it has proven to be a long term project with enormous financial investment. Far-sighted Ashram managers have thus acquired some extra land, bordering to the ashram area, along with two unused agricultural buildings and our Beloved Master, Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Maheshwaranandaji, has soon discovered the potential of the new assets. One of the existing buildings could be reconstructed into an additional hall, where some of the parallel programs (in addition with Jadan hall) could take place. Swamiji has named the new hall-to-be "Sangam", which in Hindi means "coming together" or "meeting point" and also denotes the converging of the three holy rivers of India, Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati.

To be able to accomodate more and more spiritual seekers, who are "converging" to Strilky Ashram, Swamiji has planned to extend the Sangam Hall very quickly, within one year, to be ready for the 2005 summer seminars. It is planned that the works will begin already in March 2005. This will greatly improve the conditions and possibilities for staying in the Ashram for such a large number of people and it will succesfully surmount the period until the big meditation & satsang hall is built.

Strilky Ashram Strilky Ashram Swamiji\'s first program in existing Sangam Hall was the annual Fellowship meeting in august 2004

Swamiji\'s first program in existing Sangam Hall was the annual Fellowship meeting in august 2004 Design of the new Sangam Hall Design of the new Sangam Hall

Thus a joint international project has been started, with a single aim: collect the financial means to reconstruct the Sangam Hall. Every country, every YIDL society is asked to collect donations, organize special events like concerts, lectures, charity satsangs, raffles, presentations of vegetarian food, ... and carry out other activities, who's income will be intended for the reconstruction.

Initial activities have started at the Strilky summer seminar 2004, where especially the children have been very inventive in collection of donations. And Swamiji has already held His first program in the current Sangam Hall, the annual International Fellowship meeting!

Sangam Hall project is Swamiji's Guruvakya. Let us all do our best to bring it into realization! Considering Gurudev's blessing and the number of YIDL practitioners, we will surely succeed!

We have opened a special bank account for the Sangam Hall Project:


Account number 35-3648620257/0100
IBAN format CZ3901000000353648620257
Account name Nadace Zivouci svetlo Mahaprabhudip satsang
Address of the owner Zamecka 202, 768 04 Strilky, Czech Republic
Address of the bank Komercni banka a.s., Na Prikope 33, 114 07 Praha, Czech Republic, branch Kromeriz


Please transfer your donations directly to this account. Thank you!

For any further information about the project, its activities, ideas, etc. please contact our sister Sangam (mobile: +386 31 773 001, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).