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H.H. Swamiji a “citizen of Ljubljana”


Swamiji's public lecture: Kumbha Mela – The World’s Greatest Spiritual Gathering

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20th June 2010. Today H.H. Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda concluded a week long visit to Slovenia. During his peace-tour throughout Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, H.H. Swamiji planted world-peace trees in five cities together with local representatives of government and religions. He held numerous satsangs and lectures on Vedic culture and Yoga for thousands of people.

As the final act of the visit H.H. Swamiji held a public lecture Kumbha Mela – The World’s Greatest Spiritual Gathering at the booked out “Cankarjev dom” in Ljubljana, the biggest and most prestigious cultural and conference venue in Slovenia and Croatia. In his opening remarks he explained the name of the venue is derived from the Sanskrit words Shankar Dom, meaning Home of Lord Shiva, a most fitting name for a lecture on the Kumbha Mela.

Before the lecture the Mayor of Ljubljana Mr. Zoran Jankovic met with H.H. Swamiji Mr. Jankovic expressed his great pleasure at meeting H.H. Swamiji again in Ljubljana, and during his keynote speech he declared H.H. Swamiji a “citizen of Ljubljana”.

“Cankarjev dom” in Ljubljana is strongly associated with world peace, as it already hosted a World Peace Conference in 2006 organized by The Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council (founded by H.H. Swamiji). Today a new milestone was reached on the path to world peace. H.H. Swamiji and Mayor Jankovic agreed they will establish a non-government organization called “Politics without Borders for World Peace”. Mr Jankovic was very enthusiastic about the idea and offered H.H. Swamiji his full support with the start up of the organization, suggesting that the inaugural meeting of the “Politics without Borders for World Peace” be held in Ljubljana.

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H.H. Swamiji during public lecture

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H.H. Swamiji with mayor Jankovic

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Swamiji held a public lecture Kumbha Mela – The World’s Greatest Spiritual Gathering

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