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Hindus and Muslims meet in Bari Khatu Ashram at the end of Ramadan

Vishwaguruji and on His left the leader of the Muslim group at the end of the eveningViswaguruji, His Holiness Swamiji arranged a large Sattvic feast for the local Muslim community of Bari Khatu to end their month long fast of Ramadan in Deepeshwar Mahadev Shivbag Ashram. It was a historic and deeply touching evening as both Hindus and Muslims showed great respect towards each other and enjoyed Prasadam in Swamiji's presence.

All commended and praised Swamiji for bringing everyone together and for the joy that was felt in His spiritual presence, there was also relief as barrier of perceived difference existing between the communities was relieved. In an interview a young Muslim explained "we fast for a month as a spiritual ritual so we can learn how to control our senses. We don't eat or drink or even swallow during the day, and with happiness today, we have ended this month together, for the first time here in the Ashram".

At the end of the meal as the time came to go to the Mosque a group remained, including their leader, who conducted prayer in the Ashram. Facing the direction of Swamiji, perhaps by chance but too near to be co-incidence, they prayed to their Lord. At the same time prayers from our own Shiva temple resounded as the dusk Aarti took place. It was quite extraordinary to observe both prayers taking place simultaneously and as if the heavens were satisfied small petals of rain fell on us all and the evening set in and our Satsang begun.

As the last of the Muslims left the Ashram and a photo session ensued both leaders agreed it had been a historic evening.



Swamijis arrival in Ashram at the shiva temple  Enjoying the first meal at the end of Ramadan Shiva Aarti during the moth of Shiva - Shravan

Swamiji sits with Muslims as they enjoy their feast to end Ramadan The resident peacocks in Bari Khatu Ashram also enjoy the evening atop the Banyan tree Vishwaguruji with Bhaktas at the entrance to the Ashram