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Holy Gurujis Living Wisdom Series - Complete Edition

Guruji035Bhagvan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji had many self-realized disciples. Foremost amongst them was his successor, a spiritual luminary, Hindu Dharmsamrat Paramhans Sri Swami Madhavananda (Holy Guruji) who brought the light of Mahaprabhuji to the world. Holy Guruji attained the blessed state of God Realisation through pure devotion and service to his Master. Setting an example through his life of pure devotion to God and of service to all creatures, he was an inspiration to all seekers of the Truth. His meditation and prayer meant spiritual help for the whole world.

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Satgurudev Is Your Protector

Make Your Life Alive

Pranam To Gurudev

Gurupurnima Strilky 1999

In Jadan Ashram 1998

Satagurudeva's Name Is A Boat

I Am Pure Consciousness Is Wisdom

Holy Guruji's Message

Be Good Do Good

Guru Bhakti Is The Highest

Bhajans Are Sweet Sadhana

Without Satsang Is No Peace

God Sent A Sage

Who Am I And What Am I

Without Sadhana There Is No Perfection

Bhajan: Gurudeva Bina

Bhajan: Gurudeva Darshana Dhana Ho

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