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IDY Celebration and Peace Tree planting at Voderady Castle Park, Slovakia

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During the Weekend Seminar, held in the capital city Bratislava, on Saturday morning 17 June, Vishwaguriji paid a visit to the castle park of Voderady village, in the Slovakian countryside.

The windy yet sunny day, was dedicated to the celebration of International Day of Yoga.

More than a thousand yoga teachers and students from Slovakia and neighbouring countries, gathered to honor this occasion by practicing Khatu Pranam, the emblematic practice of the Yoga in Daily Life System, together in the park, along with chanting of the Gayatri and Shanti mantras

Among the VIP guests was His Excellency Sri Param Jit Mann, Ambassador of India to Slovakia, and also the Mayor of Voderady, who spoke about the legend of this park, where three thirsty monks found a water well.

His Holiness Vishwaguruji told about the significance of the International Day of Yoga for the world, and said that the castle was waiting for the practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life and its destiny is to host spiritual seekers.

Vishwaguruji then ceremoniously planted a new Peace Tree in the park, declaring that this tree will grant its blessings as a wish-fulfilling tree, for those who circumambulate it 11 times.

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The early celebration of the International Day of Yoga in Slovakia was closed with a bandhara, a feast provided for all participants, where halushki was served - a special vegetarian national dish of Slovakia.

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