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Impressions from winter trip to India (2004)

Swamiji's busy schedule took him from Delhi to many of the Indian YIDL ashrams (Kailash, Khatu, Jaipur, Jadan), to Udaipur, Ahmedabad, and even over to Mumbai, from where he returned back to Jadan. Wherever he went, he was accepted with great honor, respect and devotion, inherent to India and its people. The photo-coverage below shows some of his many activities.  


Winter 2004/2005 in India

Swamiji in India (photo: Swami Chidanand) Conference organized by Jain Vishwa Bharati (photo: Swami Chidanand) Conference organized by Jain Vishwa Bharati (photo: Swami Chidanand)

Satsang in Hari Vasani, in house of Sri Mahaprabhuji\'s birth (photo: Swami Chidanand) Performance of Jadan school children (photo: Swami Chidanand) Nipal ashram (photo: Swami Chidanand)

Visiting famous Jain temple in Ranakhpur (photo: Swami Chidanand) Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji, Monsignor David Cappo, Vicar General of the Catholic Arch Diocese of Adelaide, South Australia and Mahant Murli Manohar Sharan Shastri at a public function in Udaipur (photo: Swami Chidanand) Swamiji teaches asanas at a satsang in Udaipur (photo: Swami Chidanand)

Satsang in Mumbai (photo: Swami Chidanand) Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji with Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi (photo: Swami Chidanand) Meeting Ex Prime Minister of India (photo: Swami Chidanand)

Satsang for jail prisoners in Ahmedabad/Gujarat (where Mahatma Gandhiji was also imprisoned) (photo: Swami Chidanand) Prisoners aproach Swamiji for blessing (photo: Swami Chidanand) Swamiji commemorates Gandhiji\'s statue in his prison cell (photo: Swami Chidanand)

Maa Ambaji\'s temple (incarnation of Divine Mother) in Gujarat (photo: Swami Chidanand) Visiting the parcel of land in Gujarat (near Ambaji temple), offered by Gujarat\'s Chief Minister Narendra Modi for a new ashram  (photo: Swami Chidanand) Swamiji with Indian bhaktas (photo: Swami Chidanand)

Satsang in Rajasthani village (photo: Swami Chidanand)