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In harmony with nature in Nyíregyháza, Hungary

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The disciples of His Holiness Swamiji in Nyíregyháza, in north-eastern Hungary, organised an event on 15 and 27 November 2014, as an extension of the Yoga in Daily Life 'Plant the Trees' project initiated and developed by His Holiness Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda over many years.

The Yoga in Daily Life group, in co-operation with the Forestry Department of Nyíregyháza, organised an event in the Sóstó Forest. Twenty-two participants took part, including students from the local music school and the Nyíregyháza College.

The 550 saplings that were planted are native to that region and habitat. The trees will provide a natural home for wild animals, including birds. This action proves how a little effort and good will can create a small forest, involving yoga practitioners, musical school students and their parents, plus college students and their professors.

The most appropriate period of the year was chosen to plant the saplings. Although the participants were not professional foresters, some of them were experts by being biologists; so the saplings were planted the proper distance from each other with suitable holes for their further development. The reforestation is a praiseworthy activity to promote a healthy, caring and friendly life. This action under the banner of Yoga in Daily Life is additionally supporting the recent initiative of Swamiji: 'Save the Birds' - for the wellbeing of our little feathered friends.


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