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International Programs with Swamiji in Vép and Strilky Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2013


Vep 11-2013
A thousand yoga brothers and sisters from whole Europe met together in VÉP to welcome Swamiji and have his Darshan after his return from his autumn journey to India.

Excerpts from Vep Satsangs

Bhakti and Satsang

Even if there is physical distance, there shouldn't be any separation. Physically we have distances, but in our mind, devotion and love we are in oneness. As long as we are in physical body there are always changes in the live, but one day we will come to that point that there is no more separation. There is a beautiful bhajan of Mahaprabhuji, that also God has longings for love. God surrenders to love. God is a servant of love.  Love represents God. It is said love is God and God is love. Love is immortal, love never changes, love never dies. But greediness, not understanding bring unhappiness and sadness. Suffering is born out of ignorance. It means we did not understand love, bhakti. When real love awakes in you all other things become tasteless. Satang is love. Satsang is bhakti. Satsang is rain of nectar, pearl of wisdom. Satsang makes us immortal. Without satsang we are like a fish without water.

The Spiritual Path

Don't run here and there. Everything is good, numbers are good, astrology is good. But you have one, Alakhpuriji, Devpuriji, Mahaprabhuji. What do you need more? Practising one, praying to one you will get everything, and doing many things you will lose everything. Holy Guruji said, when you give water to the roots of a plant, all branches and leaves will get water. But if you give water to every leaves, trunk and roots will not get anything, and tree will die. You will lose everything.

Meaning of Christmas

End of this year which is coming soon, you should make a calculation how many good and how many negative thoughts, words and deeds you had our performed, and measure which is in majority. if only one negative thought is more then it has won. With one point only one can lose the gold medal in Olympics. So, your result will come to you under the Christmas tree. Your success or loss is in your hands. Practise, practise, practise.

Guru Vakya

People often ask what is Guru vakya. Many misunderstand. All holy scriptures, Bible, Qur'an, Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, they all are Guru vakya. Fortunately Sanskrit is such a language that cannot be changed. Therefore they remained pure and unchanged. And the words and teachings of the saints are also guru vakya. Those holy and self realised persons  in whose heart God is dwelling, through whom God is speaking.

Vienna 05-12-2013.small

Dec 5, 2013

Mahasamadhi Satsang in Guruji Ashram, Vienna, Austria
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Mahasamadhi of our Satgurudev Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji an international Satsang took place at Guruji Ashram on December 5, 2013 (according to the Western calendar).

Vienna, Guruji Ashram, Dec. 5, 2013

Today we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mahasamadhi of our beloved Grand Master Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji. Time is passing very quick. But the Self is not bound to time and space. The consciousness of a self-realized and liberated incarnation is beyond time and space. They are everlasting, immortal, perfect wisdom and light. Mahaprabhuji is the incarnation of light. Out of pure compassion the divine Light incarnates in a human body. Light is knowledge and when knowledge appears there is nothing more to search. That light was and is Mahaprabhuji. OM Deep Jyoti Parabrahma - this Light is the Light of the Supreme. When the sun rises, darkness disappears. This Light removes the night of ignorance.

We are wondering, when such a great divine incarnation left the mortal body, is he existing any more or not? In which way can he help us and how can we maintain the relation? In fact nothing has changed. It is like it was. The physical relation is only temporary. The Self is without limitations. Only we are bound to the material world and therefore it is easier for us to approach a physical person. The self-realized saints and holy incarnations are in oneness. They are always there though they are not in physical body. It is said that a divine incarnation and their Bhaktas breathe in and out at the same time. They are one. Like our pulse and heart rhythm are connected and in oneness. This vibration goes through the whole body and every cell vibrates in the same rhythm and resonance.


Through Kriya Yoga and Nishkam Bhakti (unconditional love without any expectations) one day we will come to this state of consciousness and unite with the rhythm and vibration of the universal Self. That time there is no fear and no death. You see the changes but you know that you are unchangeable and immortal. When you come to this realisation all becomes very clear and you do not struggle any more in life.

This is the goal of our entire practice, to find the key to enter into this state of consciousness and connect to the cosmic rhythm. But ego, selfishness, proudness hinder us to get there. Our stupidity ego and doubts cut the relationship. It is our own fault.

When you have strong belief in Mahaprabhuji you need not to fear anything. But through negative thoughts and doubts, you separate from this shelter and cannot find the connection any more. Your Kriya and Mantra practise will connect you forever and you will reach the destination.

Whatever I have and whatever we have is by Mahaprabhuji's  blessings, by the blessing of our holy lineage.

Mahaprabhuji is here. He is the Supreme Light, knowledge, truth and mercy.

I bless you in the name of his divine Light.

Strilky Ashram, Dec. 6-8, 2013

More than thousand Bhaktas gathered in MAHAPRABHU DEEP ASHRAM STRILKY, CZ to commemorate the Mahasamadhi of Sri Mahaprabhuji and to celebrate together with Swamiji Christmas Satsang.

Strilky 1

Excerpts from Strilky Satsangs



It is 50 years since Mahaprabhuji left this mortal world, but he is even more present in our hearts and in the world. Holy Guruji said many times that many bhaktas in different parts of India asked him to come and give darshan, but Mahaprabhuji would smile and say, “Do you think that I am limited by time and space? Tell me where I am not!”

Where is Mahaprabhuji? He is here.

Mahaprabhuji gives everything; he gives the most precious jewel: knowledge.

All are struggling for money, but this is the wrong god. In Kali Yuga money is God. When you have money you have problems; when you don't have money you have problems. Therefore, we pray that we may get enough for our living and to host a guest, too.

The highest gift, the most precious treasure, is spiritual knowledge. You cannot buy it. It has to be bestowed by guru kripa.


The best seva is nishkam seva – when you don't expect any reward. Seva is mostly practised in gurukuls and ashrams, monasteries and charitable organisations. Giving donations is also seva. A Sevak is ready to help at any time. The best karma is to do seva.

But you cannot do seva without bhakti yoga. Seva is karma yoga, but without love it cannot be seva. We need love for service. But we also need gyana yoga. You need to know how you shall do it. But you also need even more – raja yoga; discipline and loyalty must be there. All yoga paths are united in seva.

Strilky 2

Don't change your path and destination

Life is given to reach our spiritual goal. It does not matter what age we are, we don't know who will have to go next. We pray: God give us long life. What God is doing is perfect and we have to accept. What was the sense of life? We should keep our eyes on the aim of life. Read the Golden Teachings of Mahaprabhuji and ask yourself how much you follow. If you would have followed today you would be different. Many come here, listen to satsang and when they go, they just do the same as before. Think over and take a Sankalpa that you will do good from now on.
Whatever we do and possess in the material world, one day we will have to give up. Many problems come because we always change our mind, change our thoughts. What do you gain by changing? Do you need a bigger car? It is running the same way. Be content, do not change. Changing often does not bring advantages – on the contrary, things turn for the worse and cause more problems.

Have strength in yourself and say “No” to yourself! When you understand and follow the Holy Scriptures you will not change anymore. How many Christians follow the Bible? How many Hindus follow the Bhagavad Gita, how many Muslims follow the Qur’an?

Set a decision inside that you won't do anything bad. If you follow this you will have fewer problems. Many problems are there because we cannot say “No” to ourselves. We have no control over our eating, over our extensive buying and other bad habits.

We should not always give ourselves the chance and choice to change. You can stop changes only when you accept the law of the universe, Sanatan Dharma.

Every single creature is very important. Every leaf and blade of grass is beautiful and important for this Earth. God would not be complete without us. Who created God? In fact we created the God to whom we pray. God and bhaktas are one.

God created everything good, don't change it!