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International project: Yoga in Daily Life for Health

yoga-in-daily-life-healthThe goal of this international project is to study and objectively assess the influence of regular practice of yoga according to the Yoga in Daily Life system in comparison with standard care enhanced with standard physician-recommended exercises on the health of patients with selected chronic diseases.

The study will systematically follow the health condition of a group of patients exercising regularly a set of exercises recommended by their physicians and of a group of patients regularly practicing yoga. The health condition of patients will be assessed based on objective medical findings and examinations. Patients will be followed for a period of one year, although new patients will be accepted into the project continuously and the entire research project will last three years. All patients will receive standard medical treatment consistent with their actual health condition. The practice of yoga and standard exercises will be therefore studied as supportive therapies complementing standard medical treatment.

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  • What is a Yoga
  • The Project Plan
  • Scientific Guarantee
  • Main Project Coordinator
  • Basic Information for health professionals (including Metabolic Syndrome, Asthma, Joint & Back Pain)

All this you can read on the project website (english/czech):

Since the project needs support from yoga teachers and centers and because is targeted to prove in a scientific way the positive effect of Yoga in Daily Life on the health, joining the program is most welcome!

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