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International Satsang in Vienna's Guruji Ashram

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On the occasion of the anniversary of Sri Mahaprabhuji's mahasamadhi (final liberation from the mortal world), a great international satsang was celebrated in Vienna's Guruji Ashram. Vishwaguruji gave some insights into Mahaprabhuji's life, as well as the life of Holy Guruji with Mahaprabhuji, and also reminded the assembled devotees and those watching via live webcast, of the spiritual meaning of the coming days of Christmas.

A highlight of the satsang was a video about the OM Ashram in Jadan, Rajasthan, with its history and development since the foundation stone was first laid by Vishwaguruji over twenty years ago.

Another special moment was the presentation of Vishwaguruji's latest philosophical opus with his commentary and explanations: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – A Guide to Self-Realisation. The publisher of the book, Brigitte Strobele, from the Vienna publishing house, Ibera – European University Press, presented the book personally and spoke about the great importance and the invaluable treasure of the wisdom and knowledge of yoga, which Patanjali laid down and preserved in this work and whose light has been passed on to spiritual aspirants for many centuries by the spiritual masters. Vishwaguruji expressed his wish that all who read this book will gain a deep understanding and insight into their true Self. (The work is currently only available in German – transcribed from Vishwaguruji's lectures in Vienna. Work has already commenced on translations into several more languages.)

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