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Laghu Vishnu Yagya June 12th, 2011


On the auspicious occasion of Ekadashi on 12 June 2011, a Laghu Vishnu Yagya took place in OM Vishwa Deep Gurukul Ashram, Jadan, between the auspicious hours of 6am – 2pm.

Acharya Panditji Mohanlal Garg led the sacrifice at the Jadan Yakshala or dhuni (ritual fireplace) and chanted Vedic mantras as offerings of different holy woods (khejeri, mango, akra, peepul and banyan) were offered into the fire along with ghee, wheat and barley whole grains and a mixture of yoghurt and honey.

The yagya started with Shiva Arati in the Shiva Mandir (temple) at 6am which was followed by a Shiva Lingam Abhisheka.

Swamiji had informed during satsang on the evening before, that the main aim or purpose of this mahayagya was to purify the atmosphere and to bring about a good monsoon. The bhaktas were instructed to repeat their mantras during the rituals and to concentrate their love towards bringing about inner peace, world peace, the protection of the environment, harmony and the well-being of all creation.

All 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu were invoked as well as all devis and devatas from Devaloka and their blessings were requested for our divine and holy Jadan Ashram.

After the sacrifice, prasad of fruit and sweets were distributed to all bhaktas from Europe, India and also to the karma yogis. On such an occasion it is recommended to have a phalahari fasting day – that is eating only fruit and liquids.



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