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London Seminar: The Science of Chakras and Kundalini

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The 10th anniversary of the foundation of Sri Swami Madhavanandaji Ashram Yoga in Daily Life UK in London was blessed by His Holiness Abunathswami Maheshwaranandaji at the Yoga in Daily Life Weekend Seminar, 19-21 September 2014. The audience included people from around the UK as well as from different parts of the world. All enjoyed and felt benefits from a programme which included practical workshops, enlightening evening lectures and spiritually nourishing satsangs focused on the Science of Chakras & Kundalini.

His Holiness shared his wisdom about this vast and profound subject, explaining advanced knowledge in a way that participants could understand the principles and see how to apply them in their daily life, as well as progress them on their spiritual path.

In clarifying the meaning and qualities of chakras and kundalini, His Holiness covered topics including prana, karma and destiny, tattvas or elements of life, and the importance of a Guru.

Prana is cosmic energy, not the oxygen in our breath. However, through conscious breathing exercises we can influence the flow of prana and its movement through the channels in the body known as nadis. Swamiji made clear the importance of having a good knowledge of proper preparation and combining of healthy foods; and that by eating consciously with respect for the source of our ingredients, we can help our body to be nourished by the prana inherent in local organically grown and freshly cooked food.

Karma is created in four ways – with the body, the mind, our words, and through our social position or financial means. His Holiness reminded us that our karma is in our hands – as much as we make the effort to have positive thoughts and do good things, we will be lifted up; but any negative thoughts and harmful actions will bring us down.

In order for the chakras to function properly and have a positive influence in maintaining the health of our body and mind, the five elements of life need to be in balance: earth, water, fire, air and space.

And there are four indications that kundalini has awakened in an individual:

  1. Developing wisdom – symbolically seen as a blessing of Mother Sarasvati.
  2. Tension has gone – even if you should try to become tense it is not possible, you are free.
  3. Physical and mental health is improving.
  4. The entire destiny from past lives is neutralised; all burdens are gone – kriya techniques especially help in this regard.

At the final satsang on Sunday evening, Swamiji blessed all who were gathered, with beautiful stories of wisdom from the holy Ramayana about the dangers of developing fear, doubts or arrogance and losing bhakti – the pure-hearted devotion to our spiritual path and to our Master or Guru. He encouraged everyone to keep eyes open during the evening chanting of prayers, aarti, in order to maintain that connection with the Guru and not get lost in our own inner thoughts and distractions.



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