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Mahasamadhi Celebrations and Christmas Advent in Strilky Ashram

 Mahasamadhi weekend and Christmas Advent in Strilky Ashram

The beginning of winter greeted students of Vishwaguru Maheshwaranandaji, practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life, who participated in the Weekend Retreat at Mahaprabhudeep Ashram, Strilky, Czech Republic, from 1-3 December 2017. 

The always peaceful environment had expanded its cool beauty as the snow-covered hills reflected the sparkling sunshine. This weekend was dedicated to the remembrance of Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji.

Vishwaguruji focused on the topic of dharma and adharma (righteousness and injustice), which are "in the level of human consciousness, since animals are not aware of cruelty and the pain of others. These are universal principles and above religion and belief."

Papa and punya are expressions that qualify your deeds (or karma) as sinful or pious, respectively. They form the destiny of a person, pulling that person's destiny toward being uplifting or bringing them down. Hate, anger, and jealousy are part of papa that will rob you of your good deeds.

To solve bad karmas, we need not go back to the past - we ought to enhance our good deeds in the present, to make a better quality future.

Vishwaguruji closed his lecture with encouraging words, "We will change the world through yoga. Brotherhood, liberation, and peace will be so."

Two more topics were also marked on this occasion: the remembrance of our divine Grandmaster, Sri Mahaprabhuji, whose 55th anniversary of his Mahasamadhi (liberation from the material world) is on 5th December; and Christmas Advent began on 3 December, which the group welcomed with singing of Christmas songs from various national traditions.

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