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Meeting with Indian Ambassador in Belgrade, 7 April 2016


Successful cooperation between the Indian Embassy and the Novi Sad Association of Yoga in Daily Life continues, with the reception of president of the association, Petar Putnik, by Her Excellency Ms. Narinder Chauhan at the Indian Embassy in Belgrade on 7th of April 2016.

On this occasion, the priceless value of yoga as a science was emphasized. India's gift to all of humanity, the goal of Yoga is to achieve physical, mental, spiritual and social health of each individual; as well as peace, tolerance and understanding among people, regardless of religion, race, gender or nation.

It was agreed that the benefits obtained through the practice of yoga are needed more than ever by humanity at the present time. The value of yoga has now been recognized on a global scale, with the United Nations adopting a proposal to declare 21st June each year as the International Day of Yoga, proposed by the Indian Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi, and supported by 177 countries, including Serbia.

The influence of yoga on the quality of our life and relations between people, was vividly described Narendra Modi in one sentence on the first commemmoration in 2015, "today is not only the first International Day of Yoga, but the beginning of a new era that will inspire humanity in its pursuit of peace and harmony."

The Indian Embassy values highly the longstanding work of YIDL Novi Sad - both the authentic teaching of yoga, as well as the specific contributions to celebrating the first International Day of Yoga in Novi Sad. For this reason, the Indian Embassy in Belgrade, last year on 22nd of June issued a Certificate of Appreciation for participation and organization of the celebration of the first International Day of Yoga in Novi Sad.

During the meeting at the Embassy, Petar Putnik, on behalf of the Novi Sad Association of YIDL, presented Her Excellency with formal recognition expressing gratitude for her outstanding contribution and support to the work of the Association, in organizing the first International Day of Yoga in Novi Sad, and in promoting yoga, ayurveda and homeopathy in Serbia.

In this way, the deep and friendly ties that bind the people of India and Serbia, of which Ms. Narinder Chauhan has often spoken with deep respect, are gaining strength and intensity, and pervading all spheres of life.



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