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MM Swami Vivek Puri and Swami Gopal Puri visit Budapest Ashram

On 15 January the Guru Ashram of Budapest welcomed two sannyasins of our Guru Parampara: Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puriji from Croatia and Swami Gopal Puriji, who is a native of Hungary and now living in Australia. People were enjoying the visit so much that the satsang lasted late into the night and had to be ended only because MM Swami Vivek Puri was expected the next morning for a weekend seminar in Debrecen and Swami Gopalpuri also had to travel the next day, back to far-away Melbourne in Australia.

Weekend seminar with MM Swami Vivek Puri in Debrecen

The weekend seminar with MM Swami Vivek Puriji took place in the new Yoga in Daily Life Ashram in Debrecen from 16-18 January. Swami Vivek Puriji had lectures and satsangs, and the practical program included asanas and pranayams for recreation of the body and energy system. Meditation was included as well according to the Yoga in Daily Life System. 

Next month again one of the sannyasi disciples of our Master Vishwaguruji, will be in Hungary - Swami Gajanandji will give lectures and workshops in several cities during a three week period. 


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