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MM Swami Vivek Puri in Rijeka 2015

During his one-day visit to Rijeka on Tuesday 20 January 2015, MM Swami Vivek Puri held a very interesting and substantial lecture about yoga at the Faculty of Philosophy in the Department of Pedagogy at the University of Rijeka. Despite being the college holiday season, the lecture was attended by hundreds of students from this department. How much yoga and its principles and tools for daily life are essential to those who will deal with pedagogy in education and teaching, was evident in the fact that on departure MM Swami Vivek Puri was eagerly asked that this lecture is not his last, but rather the first in a series of lectures to follow at the university.

In the evening, MM Swami Vivek Puri held a yoga class in the 'Hall of Culture' at the Rijeka Yoga in Daily Life Centre, for all interested yoga practitioners from Rijeka who have long practised the Yoga in Daily Life system. More than 70 attendees further deepened their knowledge on how to properly practise yoga exercises, and with a range of practical examples, learned how to consciously and with better understanding, deal with yoga exercises and the healthy functioning of their body.


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