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New yoga center has opened in Novi Sad


The new center of "Yoga in Daily Life" in Novi Sad opened on Sunday, 10th of July,  at 9.15 am, in the presence of our yoga brothers and sisters from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary. We are happy to share with you that our beloved Gurudev Swamiji was also with us via internet connection.  In a wonderful light space, a hundred of us gathered to take part in the opening puja in a Divine atmosphere. This is for us the great opportunity to continue the spreading of Mahaprabhuji’s  Divine light.
The photos speak for themselves.

We also inform you that summer classes of Yoga in Daily Life System start on 11th July in this new space.


opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_4842 opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_4965 opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_5009

opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_5016 opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_5174 opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_5175

opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_5202 opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_5207 opening_ceremony_Novi_Sad_ashram_IMG_5224